Going Ghoulish

The Ghoul’s Guide to Italy has been created for people, like Cassandra Falls herself, who love science and discovery and who appreciate the quirky personalities and twisted roads that have brought us to where we are today. This is the guide for people who revel in the unusual and appreciate the beauty of the macabre. Who know that the real story isn’t the scene, but what’s behind the scenes.

But why Italy? Because there is no place on earth more weird and wonderful. Italy, the land of geniuses and scoundrels, home to the world’s most scientific artists and the world’s most artistic scientists. This is the place where mythology, history, religion and legend all coexist happily; where the everyday is never mundane and the everyman may not be humane. Everyone from Ulysses to Cesar, from St. Peter to Santa Zita, from Leonardo da Vinci to Girolamo Segato has lived here and left their marks forever. It’s just a question of knowing where to look for them.

The Ghoul’s Guide to Italy may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Vegans and prudes may take issue with some content and this is certainly not the guide for the squeamish or for the faint of heart. But discerning travelers who want to get away from them all, who know that the beaten track is, frankly, beat and that to stay upbeat it helps to keep offbeat will find what they need. Because Ghoul’s Guides are for people who know that ghouls aren’t evil, they’re super. Human.

Cassandra would love to hear from you by email at cassandrafalls00@gmail.com or directly through your comments on the blog.

26 thoughts on “Going Ghoulish

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