Turin, Museo Nazionale del Cinema

Via Montebello, 20
Hours: Weds through Monday included: 9.00-20.00; Saturdays: 9.00-23.00. Closed Tuesdays

The Museo Nazionale del Cinema is in a building, the Mole Antonelliana, that is the symbol of Turin yet isn’t its Duomo. Named for the architect who designed it, Alessandro Antonelli, the Mole was originally designed as a synagogue. Today, it is the tallest brick building built without a steel girder skeleton and the tallest museum in the world.

The Mole was completed in 1889 and is made of unreinforced brick.

Being a tall building it’s no surprise that there’s a great view from the top. The elevator (glass and suspended in the middle of nothing) costs 4 euros, but you can also take the stairs all the way up on weekends.

The Museo Nazionale del Cinema was founded by a woman, Maria Adriana Prolo (1908-1991) who put together its core collection. The museum winds its way around the Mole’s outer walls like a Solomon Guggenheim Museum without the art and packs the memorabilia in like a Hard Rock Cafe without the hard rock. You’ll find all the Neorealists along with Sofia, Marcello, Silvana and Roberto, but also spaghetti westerns along with Star Wars and Tomb Raiders.

And the star of any ghoul’s show, Bela Logusi’s coffin!

Bela Logusi, that is Count Dracula, slept here. Or did he?

Suggested viewing: Dracula, starring Bela Logusi

listening: Bauhaus, Bela Logosi’s Dead

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