Lucca, Cimitero

The city of Lucca built its current cemetery in the early 1800’s, but from the looks of the clothes and hairstyles sported by many of its residents, it really only hit its stride in the early 1900’s. This city of the dead is organized much like a city of the living would be, the rich are in their own roofed tombs, the poor are in the ground. The ground plots are organized by parish and there are separate sections for men of the church, nuns and infants. Like all things Italian, the cemetery has opening hours then is locked up tight for the night lest the grave robbers do their dirty deeds.

You know you’re in trouble when both pillars and posts sport skulls. Do come in.

Family crests: the three little pigs vs the three little porcupines

but the moth wins, hands down

There is clearly a prosaic side to caring for the dead, but I do think they could have taken the 30% discount label off the chrysanthemums.

Some graves are downmarket and comforting, others are plain petrifying.

This girl is still lovely and that girl is Santa Zita.

Cameras were rare, but I still find it a bit strange to call in a photographer to immortalize your children- after they’re dead

Suggested listening: Queen, All Dead

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