Lucca, Palazzo Pfanner

Open from April to November daily from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.
Garden visit 4.5 euros, Museum visit 4.5 euros
Visit to both museum and garden 6 euros

Palazzo Pfanner is like a lovely country villa that landed in town. Its garden has roses, potted lemon trees, marble statues and any number of corners to explore and hide in.

The second floor of the beautiful frescoed palazzo has been set up as a slightly lame museum– and this I say because the most interesting piece in their collection of turn-of-the-century surgical instruments is a saw whose box has “amputazioni,” amputations written on it.


On top of the saw, there’s also a small collection of bladder and kidney stones


Suggested viewing: Portrait of a Lady by Jane Campion, based on the book by Henry James and shot partially at Palazzo Pfanner.

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